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Spirit of Craftsman (10-17)

Description: Karrod from the Dark Elf Village is the best of all Elven blacksmiths. In spite of his awesome skill, he still cannot augment oriharukon ore. Summon a Dwarf Warsmith to discover the secret!
Start NPC: [Blacksmith] Karrod
Restrictions: Dark Elf

item Adena  - 19799
item Blood Saber  - 1
item Lesser Healing Potion  - 100
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Battle  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Love  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Solitude  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of the Feast  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Celebration  - 10
item Exp  - 46663
item SP  - 3999
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Method of Refining Oriharukon Ore
The Dark Elven Blacksmith, Karrod, wishes to conjure the spirit of Warsmith Roberto Steelbender in order to learn how to augment oriharukon ore. He asks for help in summoning the dead man's spirit. Visit Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon of the Temple of Shilen.\
NPC: Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon
2Net for Tying Up Dead Spirits
Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon tells you that in order to summon Steelbender from the Well of Dead Souls he will need a soul catcher. Visit Magister Harne and ask her how to get a soul catcher.\
NPC: Magister Harne
3Ingredients for Soul Catcher
Ten old bones are needed to make a soul catcher. Go to the School of Dark Arts, kill skeletons and bring back their bone fragments. Kill Skeleton Hunters, Archers and Doom Soldiers.\
NPC: School of Dark Arts
item 10
4Return to Harne
You have collected all 10 bone fragments. Return to Magister Harne in Dark Elf Village and have the soul catcher made.\
NPC: Magister Harne
5Container to Hold Souls
A soul catcher has been created! Take it to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon.\
NPC: Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon
6Zombie's Head
The preparations for summoning Steelbender have almost all been completed. All that remains is to obtain a zombie head to temporarily hold the spirit. Go to the Swampland, kill a zombie and bring back its head. Hunt Marsh Zombies.\
NPC: Swampland
item 1
7Return to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon
You have applied the preserving oil to the zombie head. Take it to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon before it begins to rot.\
NPC: Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon
8Steelbender Head
Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon has conjured the soul of Steelbender by using the soul catcher. He then channels the spirit into the zombie head. Take it to Blacksmith Karrod before it starts to rot.\
NPC: Blacksmith Karrod


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