High Five

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Land Dragon Conqueror (83+)

Description: No one can defeat Antharas now. It is simply impossible.
Start NPC: [Antharas Watchman] Theodric
Restrictions: Portal Stone

item Adena  - 131236
item Antharas Slayer Circlet  - 1
item Exp  - 702557
item SP  - 76334

1Defeat Antharas
Antharas Watchman Theodric has stated that it is nearly impossible to defeat Antharas now. Obtain proof that you have defeated Antharas and prove that it can be stopped.\ The Shabby Necklace will change upon successfully defeating Antharas.\ You need a large group in order to take on this task.\  
NPC: Nest of Antharas
item 1
2Antharas Conquered
Antharas has been defeated. The Shabby Necklace in your possession has changed into the Miracle Necklace. Take it back to Theodric as proof that the impossible is possible.\
NPC: Antharas Watchman Theodric


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