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Fade to Black (82+)

Description: Priest Greymore, who infiltrated the Monastery of Silence, is masterminding a conspiracy to defeat the monks of the Monastery of Silence.
Start NPC: [Priest] Greymore
Restrictions: Completion of Secret Mission Quest

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Turn off the Lights
Priest Greymore infiltrated the Monastery of Silence and asks you to capture the Master of Splendor, Annays. But you will only get a reward for capturing him with the Mark of Splendor. A Mark of Darkness will earn you only Greymore's derision. Capture the Master of Splendor, Annays and test your luck.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Master of Splendor, Anays\
NPC: The Rooms of Splendor in Monastery of Silence
item 1
2Mark of Darkness
Only the Mark of Darkness came out. If you bring this to Priest Greymore, he will laugh at you. Try to capture the Master of Splendor, Annais once again.\
NPC: Priest Greymore
3Mark of Splendor
Mark of Splendor, it is! Bring it to Priest Greymore. \
NPC: Priest Greymore


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