High Five

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Story of Those Left (82+)

Description: Part five of an adventure to explore the Ice Queen's castle and learn the story of Ice Queen Freya.
Start NPC: Rafforty
Restrictions: Completion of Reunion With Sirra Quest

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Rafforty's Story
Rafforty of Jinia Guild has something to say. Talk to him and then enter the Guild's hideout.\
2Jinia's Story
You've entered the secret hideout of Jinia Guild. Have a talk with Jinia.\
NPC: Jinia
3Story of Kegor
Have a talk with Kegor. \
NPC: Kegor
4A Long Farewell
Now that your business with Jinia Guild has ended, talk to Jinia to return home.\
NPC: Jinia
5Rafforty's Reward
Jinia said she left something for you with Rafforty. Return and talk to him.\
NPC: Rafforty


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