High Five

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Reunion with Sirra (82+)

Description: Part four of an adventure to explore the Ice Queen's castle and learn the story of Ice Queen Freya.
Start NPC: Rafforty
Restrictions: Completion of Meeting Sirra Quest

item Exp  - 2152200
item SP  - 181070

1Help from Jinia Guild
Apparently the Jinia Guild rescued you from Freya when the battle went awry. Talk about the details with Jinia when entering the hideout of Jinia Guild.\
2Jinia's Story
You've entered the secret hideout of Jinia Guild. Have a talk with Jinia.\
NPC: Jinia
3Second meeting with Sirra
Sirra appeared once again. She seems to have something to say...\
NPC: Sirra
4All prepared
Even though it seems like a bad ide you have no other choice but to cooperate with Sirra to defeat Freya. Try to talk to Jinia.\
NPC: Jinia
5To the Castle of Ice Queen
Go to the Castle of Ice Queen where Freya awaits. Jinia will be at the entrance of the castle.\
NPC: Jinia
6Punishment for Freya
You've entered Ice Queen's Castle to defeat her again. Now is the time defeat Freya and bring spring back to this land. Use the Divine Sword and Black Frozen Core, they are your secret weapons in this fight...\
7The Cycle of Tragedy
You've successfully captured Freya. But... Sirra became the new Ice Queen by killing Felicia and absorbing her power! Try to talk to Jinia.\


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