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Meeting Sirra (82+)

Description: Part three of an adventure to explore the Ice Queen's castle and learn the story of Ice Queen Freya.
Start NPC: Rafforty
Restrictions: Completion of the Acquisition of Divine Sword Quest

item Adena  - 283425
item Exp  - 939075
item SP  - 83855

1To the hideout of Jinia Guild
Rafforty of Jinia Guild says Jinia is waiting for you in the Guild hideout. Enter it by talking to him.\
2Meeting with Jinia
You've entered the secret hideout of Jinia Guild. Have a talk with Jinia.\
3Meeting with Kegor
Jinia suggests that you talk to Kegor.\
4Conversation with Jinia
Kegor said he appreciated you saving him at the Mithril Mine and promised to help you with anything. Talk to Jinia again.\
5Unexpected visit
Who is this strange woman that appeared suddenly while you were talking with Jinia? Seems she wants to talk.\
6The Unforgiven
Sirra told a strange and shocking story, but you cannot cooperate with the devil! Let's speak to Jinia again.\
7To Freya's Garden
Jinia admitted Sirra's story was true. Now that we have the Divine Sword in our hand, let's go to defeat the Ice Queen Freya. Talk to Freya's Steward at the entrance of her castle.\
NPC: Freya's Steward
8To Ice Queen
You've entered the castle. Talk to Jinia.\
NPC: Jinia
9End the Winter!
The battle with Freya will begin soon. Defeat her and end her icy grip on the land of Aden!\
You lost consciousness when hit by the Eternal Blizzard of Freya. When you woke up, you found yourself at Rafforty's hut. Try talking to him.\
NPC: Rafforty


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