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Acquisition of Divine Sword (82+)

Description: Part two of an adventure to explore the Ice Queen's castle and learn the story of Ice Queen Freya.
Start NPC: Rafforty
Restrictions: Completion of the Request of Ice Merchant Quest

item Adena  - 296425
item Exp  - 921805
item SP  - 82230

1Secret Hideout of Jinia Guild
Rafforty of Jinia Guild says that Jinia wants to speak to you at the secret hideout of her Guild. Ask Rafforty to take you there.\
2Secret Meeting with Jinia
You've entered the secret hideout of Jinia Guild. Have a talk with Jinia.\
NPC: Jinia
3For the Divine Sword
Jinia told you the story of the Guild and the Ice Queen. She has also asked for your help to acquire the Divine Sword since they cannot accomplish their goals without it. Go to the Mithril Mine in the Dwarven Village and ask Krun to lead you inside it.\
NPC: Mithril Mines
4Saving Kegor
Find Kegor who has found the Divine Sword in the Mithril Mine. He's become sick from the poisonous bite of the mine creatures. Feed him the antidote and save him.\
NPC: Kegor
5For the Divine Sword
While attempting to save Kegor, there appeared strange monsters around. You must take care of them first.\
6Kegor Saved!
You've successfully saved Kegor. Try to talk to him again. \
NPC: Kegor


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