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Request of Ice Merchant (82+)

Description: Part one of an adventure to explore the Ice Queen's castle and learn the story of Ice Queen Freya.
Start NPC: Rafforty
Restrictions: Completion of The Other Side of Truth Quest

item Adena  - 190000
item Exp  - 627000
item SP  - 50300

1Story of Ice Queen Freya
Rafforty of Jinia Guild asks you if you will not betray the Jinia Guild. When you swear you will not, he begins telling you the story of Ice Queen Freya. Listen carefully to his story.\
NPC: Rafforty
2Where is the Divine Sword?
Rafforty of Jinia Guild said that he found out by reading Kier's code that the Divine Sword is required to seal Freya away. Investigate Kier's ice sculpture to obtain the sword.\
NPC: Kier
3Sudden encounter
While investigating Kier's ice sculpture, you feel something behind it instead of finding a clue about the sword. What could it be?\
NPC: ???


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