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Light Fragment (75+)

Description: War Mage Artius of the Keucereus Alliance Base obtained information about Tiat, known as Lord of the Destruction and Witch of the Dragon of Darkness, from Inspector Medibal's documents. He's searching for an adventurer who can figure out a way to strike at Tiat utilizing this information.
Start NPC: [Soldier] Orbyu
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 556980
item Exp  - 1009016
item SP  - 91363
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Delivery of the Inspector's Documents
Soldier Orbyu of the Keucereus Alliance Base requests that Inspector Medibal's documents, containing an information about the Seed of Destruction, are personally delivered to War Mage Artius. We should deliver these documents to War Mage Artius.\
NPC: War Mage Artius
2Story about Medibal
War Mage Artius requires more time to examine Inspector Medibal's documents that were brought from the Seed of Destruction. Since it's been enough time we should speak to him again. \
NPC: War Mage Artius
3Witch in the Mounted Troop
War Mage Artius of the Keucereus Alliance Base asks to find Shilen Priest Lelrikia. Lelrikia will know about the Witch who's in control of Mounted Troop. Since Lelrikia's location is secret we should speak with Soldier Ginby to get the location where Lelrikia is in the fortress.\
NPC: Shilen Priest Lelrikia
4Return to Artius
Hear a story from Priest of Shilen Lelrikia about Tiat, the lord who protects the Seed of Infinity. Return to War Mage Artius of the Keucereus Alliance Base and report this.\
NPC: War Mage Artius
5Collecting Materials
War Mage Artius has a plan to defeat Tiat by taking advantage of a weakness of the Dragon of Darkness. In order to accomplish this, 100 Destroyed Darkness Fragment Powder items have to be collected after defeating his subordinates in the Seed of Destruction.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Dragon Steed Troop Infantry, Dragon Steed Troop Javelin Thrower, Dragon Steed Troop Healer, Dragon Steed Troops No 1 Battalion Commander, Dragon Steed Troop Commander, Dragon Steed Troop Magic Leader, Dragon Steed Troop Grand Magician, Defeated Troops Infantry, Defeated Troops Javelin Thrower, Defeated Troops Healer, Defeated Troops No 1 Battalion Commander, Defeated Troops Commander, Defeated Troops Magic Soldier, Defeated Troops Magician, Defeated Troops Magic Leader, Defeated Troops White Dragon Leader, Warrior of Light, Royal Guard Captain, White Dragon Leader, and Soldiers of Bravery\
NPC: Seed of Destruction
item -100
6Purifying Materials
War Mage Artius says that the Destroyed Darkness Fragment Powder collected from the Seed of Destruction need to be purified. The only way to purify these materials is if they are taken to the Shadow of the Mother Tree that is located north of the Elven Village. Let's go there to purify the Destroyed Darkness Fragment Powder in order to create Destroyed Light Fragment Powder (transform Destroyed Darkness Fragment Powder into Destroyed Light Fragment Powder by double clicking an item at the corresponding location).\
NPC: Shadow of the Mother Tree
item -100
7Making a Sacred Light Fragment
Enough Destroyed Light Fragment Powder has been collected and it can be taken to Lekon to make a weapon to fight Tiat.\
NPC: Engineer Lekon
item 1
8Sacred Light Fragment created
A Sacred Light Fragment has been created that can be used against Tiat, the Witch of Dragon of Darkness. This will be useful in the fight against Tiat as it attacks their weakness. Let's go and see Artius before going to the Seed of Destruction to attack Tiat.
NPC: War Mage Artius


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