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To the Seed of Infinity (75+)

Description: Keucereus, the Commander of the Keucereus Alliance Base, is searching for an adventurer who can be dispatched to the Seed of Infinity. Keucereus indicates that the location is a dangerous area full of the undead...
Start NPC: [Admiral] Keucereus
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 16671
item Exp  - 100640
item SP  - 10098

1A message to the Seed of Infinity
We should deliver a letter of introduction to Officer Tepios who's stationed at the Death Gate inside of the Seed of Infinity. You will need to speak with Jaydin, the Guide of Infinity, who's at the entrance of the Seed of Infinity in order to teleport inside the Seed of Infinity to find Officer Tepios.\
NPC: Officer Tepios


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