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Sea of Spores Fever (12-18)

Description: Sentinels who were conducting experiments in the Sea of Spores have all come down with a bad fever. Sentinel Knight Alberius is seeking someone to visit Master Cobendell to obtain the cure.
Start NPC: [Sentinel Knight] Alberius
Restrictions: Elf

item Adena  - 6331
item Lesser Healing Potion  - 100
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Battle  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Love  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Solitude  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of the Feast  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Celebration  - 10
item Exp  - 30202
item SP  - 1339
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Cure for Fever
Sentinel Knight Alberius tells you that the Elven researchers who have recently gone to the Sea of Spores have come down with a fever. He is concerned about the guards he has dispatched there and asks for your help. He tells you that Master Cobendell has the cure for the fever but needs the ingredients to make the antidote. Go to Master Cobendell and help him to collect the ingredients he needs.\
NPC: Master Cobendell
2Dryad's Tears
You must collect dryad's tears to make the cure for the fever. Collect 10 dryad's tears in the Elven Forest and take them to Master Cobendell. Hunt dryads and dryad elders.\
NPC: Elven Forest
item 10
3Return to Cobendell
You have collected all the necessary Dryad tears. Take them to Master Cobendell in the Elven Village.\
NPC: Master Cobendell
4Medicine Created
The medicine for the fever has been created! Take it to Sentinel Knight Alberius.\
NPC: Sentinel Knight Alberius
5Delivery of Medicine
Sentinel Knight Alberius asks you to deliver the fever medicine to four sentinels who have gone to the Sea of Spores. Take the medicine to Sentinel Berros, Sentinel Veltress, Sentinel Rayen and Sentinel Gartrandell.\
6Return to Sentinel Knight Alberius
You have distributed the fever medicine. Report back to Sentinel Knight Alberius.\
NPC: Sentinel Knight Alberius


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