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Sword of Solidarity (9-16)

Description: The Sword of Solidarity has long symbolized the friendship between Elves and Humans. The disappearance of the sword has coincided with the deterioration of that friendship. Grand Master Roien is seeking a warrior to restore the sword to its place of honor.
Start NPC: [Grand Master] Roien
Restrictions: Human

item Adena  - 10981
item Sword of Solidarity  - 1
item Lesser Healing Potion  - 100
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Battle  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Love  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Solitude  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of the Feast  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Celebration  - 10
item Exp  - 25747
item SP  - 2171

1Broken Sword
Grand Master Roien of Cedric's Training Hall wants to restore the sword of solidarity. He explains that the sword was made long ago to symbolize the friendship between Elves and Humans. He mentions that Blacksmith Altran is also very interested in restoring this relic. He asks you to take the letter containing the results of his investigation of the relic to Altran in the Blacksmith Shop.\
NPC: Blacksmith Altran
2Broken Sword Blade Piece
Blacksmith Altran explains that if he is to restore the Sword of Solidarity to its original condition, he must have the two pieces of the blade. He asks you to go the Elven Ruins and obtain the broken sword blade pieces from the Orcs there. Hunt Tunath Orc Warriors and Tunath Orc Marksmen.\
NPC: Elven Ruins
item 1
item 1
3Return to Blacksmith Altran
Take the broken sword blade pieces to Blacksmith Altran.\
NPC: Blacksmith Altran
4Last Parts
While Blacksmith Altran joins the sword blade pieces together, go to Cedric's Training Hall and obtain the broken sword handle from Grand Master Roien.\
NPC: Grand Master Roien
item 1
5Sword of Solidarity
Take the broken sword handle to Blacksmith Altran so he can restore the sword of solidarity to its original condition.\
NPC: Blacksmith Altran


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