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item Recipe - Maiden's Hairpin (100%)

Description: This technique to create a Maiden's Hairpin can be used by all races. Requires Create Common Item Skill Level 4.

Crystals: -

Type in database: crecipe, recipe

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Is selled by:

[Clan Hall Manager] Albert (100000a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Carey (100000a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Crissy (100000a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Dianne (100000a)
[Clan Hall Manager] DiMaggio (100000a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Flynn (100000a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Korgen (100000a)
[Test Server Helper] Mr. Cat (200000a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Ron (100000a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Seth (100000a)

Is used in craft of: Maiden's Hairpin

Craft result: 1 item Maiden's Hairpin with this chance: 100%


item Fish Gem (for one craft: 300, total: 300)
item Shiny Fish Gem (for one craft: 150, total: 150)
item Maiden's Hairpin Piece (for one craft: 20, total: 20)
item Recipe - Maiden's Hairpin (100%) (for one craft: 1, total: 1)

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