High Five

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item Proof of Catching a Fish

Description: A fishing certificate. If you collect it and take it to a member of the Fishermen's Guild, you can learn a skill that is related to expanding a slot.

Crystals: -

Type in database: quest, normal

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Can be extracted from:

itemSmall Green Treasure Chest 849
itemSmall Blue Treasure Chest 2636
itemGreen Treasure Chest 1633
itemBig Jade Treasure Chest 2632
itemS-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box 2629
itemA-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box 2629
itemB-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box 2629
itemC-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box 2629
itemD-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box 2629
itemNo Grade Shadow Armor Set Box 2629
itemJade Treasure Chest 2629
itemSmall Jade Treasure Chest 2626
itemBig Yellow Treasure Chest 3024
itemBig Green Treasure Chest 2624
itemYellow Treasure Chest 3023
itemSmall Yellow Treasure Chest 3018
itemBig Blue Treasure Chest 3017
itemBlue Treasure Chest 3017
itemSmall Orange Treasure Chest 6013

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