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item Recipe: Greater Fish Oil (100%)

Description: This recipe for mid-grade Fish Oil can be used by all races. Requires Create Common Item Skill Level 2.

Crystals: -

Type in database: crecipe, recipe

Is selled by:

[Clan Hall Manager] Billy (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Black (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Boyer (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Bremmer (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Carol (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Dillon (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Flynn (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Horner (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Kalis (50a)
[Test Server Helper] Mr. Cat (100a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Ron (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Ruben (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Serena (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Seth (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Stanley (50a)
[Ol Mahum Steward] Tamutak (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Tim (50a)
[Clan Hall Manager] Winker (50a)


Can be extracted from:

itemSmall Jade Nimble Fish 830
itemLarge Nimble Green Fish 824
itemSmall Blue Nimble Fish 1621
itemSmall Orange Nimble Fish 1620
itemBig Jade Nimble Fish 1619
itemBig Yellow Nimble Fish 1619
itemJade Nimble Fish 1617
itemYellow Nimble Fish 1617
itemBig Blue Nimble Fish 1614
itemSmall Yellow Nimble Fish 1614
itemBlue Nimble Fish 1613
Craft result: 1 item Greater Fish Oil with this chance: 100%


item Fish Oil (for one craft: 4, total: 4)

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