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item Recipe: Blessed Spiritshot C C

Description: For Dwarves only. The recipe for the Blessed Spiritshot: Grade C. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 4. The success rate is 100%.

Crystals: -

Type in database: recipem, recipe

Is selled by:

[Recipe Merchant] Denver (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Desian (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Dolphren (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Drawin (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Hedinger (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Lyann (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Metar (60000a)
[Test Server Helper] Mr. Cat (120000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Plani (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Prouse (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Sparky (60000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Tahoo (60000a)



map Blade Stakato Warrior (43)110.142112 %
 Zaken's Watchman (45)110.10718 %
 Zaken's Watchman (45)110.07569 %
map Zaken's Seer (45)110.055736 %


map Timak Orc Warrior (43)111.987 %
map Enchanted Stone Golem (42)111.9085 %
map Dire Wyrm (42)111.7145 %
Craft result: 200 item Blessed Spiritshot (C-Grade) C with this chance: 100%


item Crystal (C-Grade) (for one craft: 2, total: 2)
item Spirit Ore (for one craft: 30, total: 30)

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