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item Necklace of Devotion D

Crystals: 51

Type in database: neck

M.Def.: 32

MP: 0

Is selled by:

[Accessory Merchant] Alexis (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Carson (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Denkus (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Ellie (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Enverun (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Galibredo (27600a)
[Trader] Garette (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Judith (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Mailland (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Nestle (27600a)
[Trader] Ralford (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Renee (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Rouge (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Sandra (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Sonia (27600a)
[Accessory Merchant] Varan (27600a)



map Lith Warrior (27)110.60071 %
map Gigant Overseer (27)110.60071 %
map Turek Orc Sentinel (25)110.396837 %
map Giant Crimson Ant (28)110.271316 %
map Sorrow Maiden (27)110.232314 %
map Glass Jaguar (27)110.232314 %
map Mandragora Blossom (25)110.21762 %
map Monster Eye Watcher (25)110.213353 %

Recipe. Level: 2, MP: 84, Chance: 100%, Number: 1

You can craft 2 item Necklace of Devotion D with this chance: 20%

item Varnish (for one craft: 3, total: 3)
item Braided Hemp (for one craft: 15, total: 15)
        item Stem (for one craft: 5, total: 75)
item Silver Mold (for one craft: 1, total: 1)
        item Silver Nugget (for one craft: 10, total: 10)
        item Braided Hemp (for one craft: 5, total: 5)
                item Stem (for one craft: 5, total: 25)
        item Cokes (for one craft: 5, total: 5)
                item Coal (for one craft: 3, total: 15)
                item Charcoal (for one craft: 3, total: 15)
item Necklace of Devotion Chain (for one craft: 4, total: 4)
item Gemstone D (for one craft: 2, total: 2)

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