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item Demon Fangs D

Crystals: 2164

Type in database: magic


P.Atk./M.Atk.: 67/66

SS/SPS/MP: 3/3/0

Random Damage: 10

Critical: 8

Accuracy: 0

Atk.Speed: 379

Is selled by:

[Weapon Merchant] Auzendorff (1171900a)
[Magic Trader] Cema (1171900a)
[Weapon Merchant] Drumond (1171900a)
[Wizard-use Equipment Merchant] Gentler (1171900a)
[Weapon Merchant] Hombre (1171900a)
[Weapon Merchant] Leon (1171900a)
[Weapon Merchant] Nils (1171900a)
[Trader] Rex (1171900a)
[Wizard-use Weapon Merchant] Stanford (1171900a)
[Weapon Merchant] Verona (1171900a)
[Weapon Merchant] Veronica (1171900a)


Recipe. Level: 4, MP: 123, Chance: 100%, Number: 1

You can craft 2 item Demon Fangs D with this chance: 20%

item Crystal (D-Grade) (for one craft: 470, total: 470)
item Braided Hemp (for one craft: 110, total: 110)
        item Stem (for one craft: 5, total: 550)
item Steel (for one craft: 110, total: 110)
        item Varnish (for one craft: 5, total: 550)
        item Iron Ore (for one craft: 5, total: 550)
item Coarse Bone Powder (for one craft: 220, total: 220)
        item Animal Bone (for one craft: 10, total: 2200)
item Demon Fangs Part (for one craft: 7, total: 7)
item Gemstone D (for one craft: 153, total: 153)

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