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item Composite Bow

Crystals: -

Type in database: bow


P.Atk./M.Atk.: 64/21

SS/SPS/MP: 7/2/1

Random Damage: 5

Critical: 12

Accuracy: -3

Atk.Speed: 293

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Is selled by:

[Weapon Merchant] Arodin (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Auzendorff (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Drumond (188000a)
[Warrior-use Weapon Merchant] Graham (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Hombre (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Leon (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Nils (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Raudia (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Sabrin (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Sydnia (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Verona (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Veronica (188000a)
[Trader] Viktor (188000a)
[Weapon Merchant] Woodrow (188000a)



map Ol Mahum Shooter (24)110.064625 %
map Kasha Bugbear (24)110.064001 %
map Ol Mahum Straggler (23)110.060589 %
map Ruin Imp Elder (21)110.054763 %
 Akaste Succubus Tilfo (22)110.048354 %
map Maille Lizardman Scout (22)110.041155 %

Recipe. Level: 1, MP: 72, Chance: 100%, Number: 1

You can craft 2 item Composite Bow with this chance: 20%

item Suede (for one craft: 80, total: 80)
item Iron Ore (for one craft: 400, total: 400)
item Braided Hemp (for one craft: 80, total: 80)
        item Stem (for one craft: 5, total: 400)
item Composite Bow Shaft (for one craft: 3, total: 3)

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