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item Earth Crystal

Description: Earth elemental attack attribute increases by 5 when bestowed on a weapon. Wind elemental defense attribute increases by 6 when bestowed on an armor. Attribute Crystals can be used up to attribute level 6. Additionally, a maximum of three types of elemental defense attribute can be bestowed, and one type of elemental attack attribute. Opposite attributes cannot be bestowed together.

Crystals: -

Type in database: misc, element

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skill Earth Crystal Lv.2


 Seer Ugoros (84)115.788452 %
map Elite Turtlelian (85)111.875308 %
map Elite Tardyon (85)111.875308 %
map Elite Groikan (85)111.873123 %
map Elite Krajian (85)111.873123 %
map Elite Bgurent (85)111.534353 %
map Elite Kanibi (85)111.534353 %
map Elite Brakian (85)111.406391 %
map Elite Kiriona (85)111.404751 %
map Tanta Lizardman Berserker (84)110.027451 %
map Tanta Lizardman Soldier (84)110.020937 %

Can be extracted from:

itemFreya White Pack 1100

Recipe. Level: 9, MP: 240, Chance: 100%, Number: 1

item Earth Energy Compression Stone (for one craft: 20, total: 20)

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