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item Dark Stone

Description: Dark elemental attack attribute increases by 5 when bestowed on a weapon. Holy elemental defense attribute increases by 6 when bestowed on an armor. Attribute Stones can be used up to attribute level 3. Additionally, a maximum of three types of elemental defense attribute can be bestowed, and one type of elemental attack attribute. Opposite attributes cannot be bestowed together.

Crystals: -

Type in database: misc, element

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skill Dark Stone Lv.1


 Dark Shaman Varangka (82)1360.398697 %
 Chieftain's Treasure Chest (81)1112.45 %
 Mutant Warrior (84)1111.236476 %
 Invader Destroyer of Nightmare (81)115.582489 %
map Cannibalistic Stakato Follower (82)114.244847 %
 Knight of Destruction (78)112.494284 %
map Palit (80)112.05795 %
map Sentinel Waterspirit (83)111.536808 %
map Pavel Safety Device (72)110.883918 %
map Ragna Orc Commander (82)110.760964 %

Can be extracted from:

itemPathfinder's Reward (S-Grade) 126
itemPathfinder's Reward (A-Grade) 120
itemMedium Mineral Box 217
itemSmall Mineral Box 117
itemGolden Apigas Box 114

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