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item Sealed Dynasty Leather Helmet Piece S80

Description: A key material that Dwarves use to make Dynasty Leather Helmet. Can be sold in any shop.

Crystals: -

Type in database: materiala, material

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Is selled by:

[Test Server Helper] Miss Queen (74162a)

Is used in craft of: Sealed Dynasty Leather Helmet



map Lesser Giant Soldier (81)114.543313 %

Can be extracted from:

itemPathfinder's Reward (A-Grade) 11


map Lesser Giant Mage (82)1189.5065 %
map Female Spiked Stakato (82)1132.709 %
map Spiked Stakato (82)1131.711 %
map Contaminated Morek Warrior (81)1116.819 %
map Barif's Pet (81)1110.84 %
map Imagro (80)118.933 %

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