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item Elixir of CP (C-Grade) C

Description: Regenerates CP. This item can only be used by a character whose level is between 40 and 51. Re-use delay is 5 minutes.

Crystals: -

Type in database: potion, elixir

Is selled by:

[Grocer] Atan (3522a)
[Grocer] Diyabu (3522a)
[Valley Trader] Galman (3000a)
[Trader] Hally (3000a)
[Grocer] Harmony (3000a)
[Grocer] Helvetia (3000a)
[Grocer] Holly (3000a)
[Valley Trader] Kitzka (3000a)
[Grocer] Lara (3000a)
[Grocer] Liesel (3000a)
[Grocer] Pano (3000a)
[Grocer] Payel (3000a)
[Grocer] Pele (3000a)
[Grocer] Poesia (3000a)
[Trader] Rolento (3000a)
[Grocer] Sara (3000a)
[Trader] Sarien (3000a)
Tyra (3000a)
[Grocer] Violet (3000a)
[Grocer] Weber (3000a)

skill Elixir of CP (Grade C) Lv.3

Recipe. Level: 3, MP: 50, Chance: 100%, Number: 10

item Soul Ore (for one craft: 110, total: 110)
item Mysterious Solvent (for one craft: 25, total: 25)

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