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item Coral Earring

Crystals: -

Type in database: ear

M.Def.: 21

MP: 0

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Is selled by:

[Accessory Merchant] Alexis (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Carson (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Denkus (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Ellie (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Enverun (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Galibredo (12300a)
[Trader] Garette (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Judith (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Mailland (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Nestle (12300a)
[Trader] Ralford (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Renee (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Rouge (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Sandra (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Sonia (12300a)
[Accessory Merchant] Varan (12300a)



map Young Araneid (23)110.509435 %
map Zombie Warrior (22)110.498617 %
map Bloody Bee (23)110.494541 %
map Mandragora Sapling (23)110.463133 %
map Kerope Werewolf Chief (23)110.463133 %
map Mandragora Sprout (21)110.410297 %
map Giant Araneid (24)110.224459 %


map Dre Vanul Scout (21)112.3615 %

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