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item Cat's Eye Earring

Crystals: -

Type in database: ear

M.Def.: 19

MP: 0

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Is selled by:

[Accessory Merchant] Alexis (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Carson (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Creamees (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Denkus (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Ellie (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Enverun (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Galibredo (6840a)
[Trader] Garette (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Garita (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Judith (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Mailland (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Minaless (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Nestle (6840a)
[Trader] Ralford (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Renee (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Rouge (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Sandra (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Silvia (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Sonia (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Trevor (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Uska (6840a)
[Accessory Merchant] Varan (6840a)



map Salamander Noble (19)110.874097 %
map Grotto Grizzly (17)110.79791 %
map Enku Orc Shaman (20)110.665722 %
map Mandragora Sprout (20)110.641803 %
map Langk Lizardman Sentinel (19)110.575227 %
map Lirein (18)110.55776 %
map Crystalline Beast (18)110.541434 %
map Corpse Candle (17)110.530023 %
map Stink Zombie (19)110.528312 %
map Pincher (16)110.512951 %
map Shade Horror (17)110.442776 %
map Cave Fang Spider (16)110.436017 %


map Salamander (17)115.876 %

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