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item Scroll of Resurrection

Description: A scroll of enchantment that resuscitates a dead person.

Crystals: -

Type in database: scroll, resurrect

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Is selled by:

[Grocer] Atan (2400a)
[Magic Trader] Cema (2000a)
Dinn (2000a)
[Grocer] Diyabu (2400a)
[Valley Trader] Galman (2000a)
Golem Trader (2000a)
[Trader] Hally (2000a)
[Grocer] Harmony (2000a)
[Grocer] Helvetia (2000a)
[Grocer] Herbiel (2000a)
[Grocer] Holly (2000a)
[Grocer] Katerina (2000a)
[Valley Trader] Kitzka (2000a)
[Grocer] Lara (2000a)
[Grocer] Liesel (2000a)
[Grocer] Mion (2000a)
[Grocer] Nika (2000a)
[Grocer] Pano (2000a)
[Grocer] Papuma (2000a)
[Grocer] Payel (2000a)
[Grocer] Pele (2000a)
[Grocer] Poesia (2000a)
[Trader] Ralford (2000a)
[Trader] Rolento (2000a)
[Grocer] Sara (2000a)
[Trader] Sarien (2000a)
Tyra (2000a)
[Grocer] Violet (2000a)
[Grocer] Vollodos (2000a)
[Grocer] Weber (2000a)

skill Scroll of Resurrection Lv.1


 Otherworldly Invader Soldier (30)115.7913 %
map Theeder Mage (49)114.514061 %
map Blade Stakato Warrior (43)114.26309 %
map Farhite Lad (44)114.085263 %
map Ol Mahum Van Archer (32)113.506765 %
map Bandit Sweeper (30)113.23204 %
map Rakin Undine (30)113.159974 %
map Ant Captain (31)112.620017 %
map Ghoul (32)112.594385 %
map Grave Robber Guard (29)112.415408 %
map Androscorpio (29)112.31242 %
map Singing Wind (29)112.021663 %
 Iron Ore Golem (29)111.965546 %

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