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item Scroll of Escape

Description: A scroll of enchantment that relocates you to the nearest village.

Crystals: -

Type in database: scroll, escape

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Is selled by:

[Grocer] Atan (480a)
[Magic Trader] Cema (400a)
Dinn (400a)
[Grocer] Diyabu (480a)
Feed Seller (400a)
[Valley Trader] Galman (400a)
Golem Trader (400a)
[Trader] Hally (400a)
[Grocer] Harmony (400a)
[Grocer] Helvetia (400a)
[Grocer] Herbiel (400a)
[Grocer] Holly (400a)
[Grocer] Katerina (400a)
[Valley Trader] Kitzka (400a)
[Grocer] Lara (400a)
[Grocer] Liesel (400a)
[Grocer] Mion (400a)
[Grocer] Nika (400a)
[Grocer] Pano (400a)
[Grocer] Papuma (400a)
[Grocer] Payel (400a)
[Grocer] Pele (400a)
[Grocer] Poesia (400a)
[Trader] Ralford (400a)
[Trader] Rolento (400a)
[Grocer] Sara (400a)
[Trader] Sarien (400a)
Tyra (400a)
[Grocer] Violet (400a)
[Grocer] Vollodos (400a)
[Grocer] Weber (400a)

skill Scroll of Escape Lv.1


map Blade Stakato Worker (42)1128.313439 %
map Grotto Golem (15)1123.2942 %
map Whispering Wind (30)1114.507892 %
map Stone Golem (13)1111.906694 %
map Lesser Dark Horror (15)1111.630577 %
map Vuku Orc (14)1110.972652 %
map Werewolf Chieftain (12)1110.499775 %
map Kaboo Orc Fighter Leader (12)1110.499775 %
map Darkstone Golem (13)119.922302 %
map Stone Giant (13)119.922302 %
map Muertos Guard (11)119.809165 %
map Skeleton Marksman (14)119.418133 %
map Doom Soldier (14)119.326735 %
map Redeye Bat (15)118.551914 %
map Gemstone Beast (12)118.493372 %
map Balor Orc Lieutenant (11)117.442867 %
map Skeleton Lord (15)117.126535 %
map Kasha Spider (15)115.701321 %
map Orc Lieutenant (11)114.961975 %

Can be extracted from:

itemSpellbook Page 160

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