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item Earring of Antharas S

Description: MP +37, Resistance to Bleed +40%, Bleed attack rate +40%, vampiric rage effect, Resistance to Stun/Mental attacks +30%, Stun/Mental attack rate +30%, decreases MP consumption, and increases heal amount and Resistance to Earth. Only one effect is applied when two of the same earrings are equipped.

Crystals: 178

Type in database: ear

M.Def.: 94

MP: 37

skill Earring of Antharas Lv.1
Increases Resistance to earth attacks and bleed/shock/mental attacks, bleed/shock/mental attack bonus, and the effectiveness of HP recovery magic. Decreases MP consumption and restores HP by using some of the damage inflicted upon the enemy. Excludes damage from skill or ranged attacks.


map Antharas (79)11500 %
map Antharas (79)11500 %
map Antharas (79)11500 %
map Antharas (85)11500 %

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