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item Gauntlets D

Crystals: 72

Type in database: gloves

P.Def./M.Def.: 24/0

MP: 0

Is selled by:

[Armor Merchant] Adrian (39100a)
[Armor Merchant] Alisha (39100a)
[Magic Trader] Cema (39100a)
[Armor Merchant] Espen (39100a)
[Wizard-use Equipment Merchant] Gentler (39100a)
[Armor Merchant] Helmut (39100a)
[Trader] Ian (39100a)
[Armor Merchant] Janne (39100a)
[Armor Merchant] Owaki (39100a)
[Wizard-use Armor Merchant] Peta (39100a)
[Warrior-use Armor Merchant] Radia (39100a)
[Armor Merchant] Vladimir (39100a)
[Armor Merchant] Woodley (39100a)



map Partisan Leader Talakin (28)3939.219125 %
map Soul Scavenger (25)3935.777937 %
 Crimson Hatu Otis (33)3919.974229 %
 Crimson Hatu Otis (33)3913.316142 %
 Otherworldly Invader Soldier (35)110.344694 %
 Scout of the Plains (36)110.204298 %
map Puncher (34)110.14881 %
map Wyrm (35)110.13987 %
map Ant Recruit (33)110.112794 %
map Treasure Chest (33)110.084596 %

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