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item Cotton Shirt

Crystals: -

Type in database: chest, light

P.Def./M.Def.: 50/0

MP: 0

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Is selled by:

[Armor Merchant] Adrian (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Alisha (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Ariel (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Casey (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Damion (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Espen (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Helmut (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Jackson (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Janne (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Kunai (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Owaki (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Payne (15600a)
[Warrior-use Armor Merchant] Radia (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Shari (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Simplon (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Vladimir (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Woodley (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Zakone (15600a)
[Armor Merchant] Zenkin (15600a)



map Shady Muertos Wizard (19)110.411479 %
map Salamander (17)110.380479 %
map Undine Elder (18)110.379035 %
map Shady Muertos Commander (19)110.372777 %
map Undine (17)110.368348 %
map Shady Muertos Guard (16)110.339947 %
map Kerope Werewolf (20)110.255803 %
map Pincer Spider (17)110.237607 %
map Pinrul (17)110.232986 %
map Ruin Imp (17)110.232986 %
map Dark Terror (16)110.210265 %
map Sukar Wererat Leader (19)110.210168 %
map Omen Beast (17)110.194187 %
map Maille Lizardman (20)110.115145 %


map Moonstone Beast (17)111.562 %

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