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item Plate Helmet Design D

Description: A key material for Dwarves to make a Plate Helmet. Can be sold in any shop.

Crystals: -

Type in database: materiala, material

Is selled by:

[Test Server Helper] Miss Queen (4962a)

Is used in craft of: Plate Helmet



map Chertuba of Great Soul (35)14042019.343127 %
map Gargoyle Lord Sirocco (35)14042019.343127 %
map Corsair Captain Kylon (33)14042017.765195 %
map Crokian Lad (41)116.906966 %
map Enchanted Iron Golem (43)114.072632 %
map Enchanted Monstereye (41)113.345496 %
map Treasure Chest (42)112.362265 %


map Blade Stakato Warrior (43)1168.4365 %

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