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item Hard Leather Shirt

Crystals: -

Type in database: chest, light

P.Def./M.Def.: 53/1

MP: 0

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Is selled by:

[Armor Merchant] Adrian (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Alisha (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Casey (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Damion (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Espen (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Helmut (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Janne (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Owaki (28400a)
[Warrior-use Armor Merchant] Radia (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Simplon (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Vladimir (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Woodley (28400a)
[Armor Merchant] Zenkin (28400a)



map Catacomb Barbed Bat (23)110.488917 %
map Ol Mahum Ranger (22)110.242846 %
map Enku Orc Champion (21)110.215703 %
map Tumran Bugbear Warrior (24)110.211859 %
map Hobgoblin (21)110.177709 %
map Hobgoblin (21)110.177709 %
map Dre Vanul Disposer (22)110.176082 %
 Underground Werewolf (23)110.168811 %
map Kirunak's Guards (21)110.148086 %


map Tumran Bugbear (23)111.3315 %

Recipe. Level: 1, MP: 72, Chance: 100%, Number: 1

item Animal Skin (for one craft: 110, total: 110)
item Thread (for one craft: 55, total: 55)
item Hard Leather Shirt Pattern (for one craft: 3, total: 3)

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