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item Recipe: Crafted Leather Gloves D

Description: For Dwarves only. The recipe for Crafted Leather Gloves. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 2. The success rate is 100%.

Crystals: -

Type in database: recipea, recipe

Is selled by:

[Test Server Helper] Mr. Cat (836a)



map Cloudy Beast (22)1117.401201 %
map Tumran Bugbear Warrior (24)1111.515055 %
map Dre Vanul Scout (21)1110.262957 %


map Turek War Hound (24)11177.7185 %
map Veelan Bugbear Warrior (24)1197.4585 %
 Underground Kobold (24)1179.623 %
Craft result: 1 item Crafted Leather Gloves D with this chance: 100%


item Leather (for one craft: 8, total: 8)
        item Animal Skin (for one craft: 6, total: 48)
item High-Grade Suede (for one craft: 1, total: 1)
        item Suede (for one craft: 3, total: 3)
        item Coarse Bone Powder (for one craft: 1, total: 1)
                item Animal Bone (for one craft: 10, total: 10)
item Crafted Leather Gloves Lining (for one craft: 4, total: 4)
item Gemstone D (for one craft: 1, total: 1)

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