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item Blessed Earring of Zaken

Description: MP+37, Resistance to Bleed +30%, Bleed attack rate +30%, heal amount +15%, vampiric rage effect, Resistance to Shock/Mental attacks +30%, Shock/Mental attack rate +30%, and Resistance to Dark +15. Only one effect is applied even when the same two earrings are worn. If it is equipped together with a standard Earring of Zaken, only the effect of Blessed Earring of Zaken will be applied.

Crystals: 547

Type in database: H5, H5

skill Blessed Earring of Zaken Lv.2
Increases Resistance to Dark, bleed/shock/mental attacks, bleed/shock/mental attack rate, and received HP recovery. Restores some of the damage inflicted on the enemy as the user's HP. Excludes damage caused by skills and long-range attack.

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