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item Atuba Hammer Head D

Description: A key material that Dwarves use to make the Atuba Hammer. Can be sold in any shop.

Crystals: -

Type in database: materialw, material

Is selled by:

[Test Server Helper] Miss Queen (48376a)

Is used in craft of: Atuba Hammer



map Guilotine Warden of the Execution Grounds (35)3799.996638 %
map Breka Warlock Pastu (34)3795.730338 %
map Vuku Grand Seer Gharmash (33)3791.838025 %
map Nakondas (40)3788.841464 %
map Dailaon Lad (42)110.459979 %
 Dimension Invader Discipline (43)110.448938 %
 Timak Orc Troop Archer (41)110.356577 %
map Timak Orc Soldier (42)110.256632 %

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