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item Recipe: Cord

Description: For Dwarves only. The recipe for a Cord. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 2. The success rate is 100%.

Crystals: -

Type in database: recipem, recipe

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Is selled by:

[Recipe Merchant] Denver (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Desian (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Dolphren (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Drawin (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Hedinger (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Lyann (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Metar (1000a)
[Test Server Helper] Mr. Cat (2000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Plani (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Prouse (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Sparky (1000a)
[Recipe Merchant] Tahoo (1000a)



map Shady Muertos Captain (17)117.304723 %
map Salamander Noble (19)115.978968 %
 Muertos Commander (18)114.92964 %
map Pincher (16)114.678219 %
map Langk Lizardman Sentinel (19)113.934542 %
map Vuku Orc Fighter (17)113.707065 %
map Tracker Skeleton (17)113.634414 %
map Ruin Bat (20)113.192689 %
map Scavenger Bat (18)112.992297 %
map Kasha Blade Spider (17)112.665195 %


map Salamander Noble (19)1140.4825 %
map Grotto Grizzly (17)1136.9525 %
map Arachnid Tracker (19)1129.304 %
map Tainted Zombie (18)1123.726 %
Craft result: 20 item Cord D with this chance: 100%


item Thread (for one craft: 25, total: 25)
item Steel (for one craft: 2, total: 2)
        item Varnish (for one craft: 5, total: 10)
        item Iron Ore (for one craft: 5, total: 10)

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