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item Shiny Unrotten Corpse's Mask

Description: Gloriously Shiny Unrotten Corpse's Mask. You can use the card skill necessary for playing Jack's game when equipped. 4-hour limited-time Item. Reuse Delay 1 hour. Cannot be exchanged, dropped, or destroyed.

Crystals: -

Type in database: wedding, hair

P.Def./M.Def.: 0/0

MP: 0

skill Halloween Pumpkin Card Lv.1
Showed the Halloween Pumpkin Card.
skill Rotten Pumpkin Card Lv.1
Showed the Rotten Pumpkin Card.
skill Unrotten Corpse's Mask Lv.1
Mask's effect. For 60 minutes, increases Max HP and Max MP by 10%, skill's MP consumption by 5%, and Resistance to Dark by 5.

Can be extracted from:

itemShiny Unrotten Corpse's Mask Pack Event1100
itemShiny Halloween Toy Chest 120

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