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item Friend Recommend Round 2 Reward Pack 30-day limited period

Description: Friend recommend service reward pack containing proof of the friend's recommendation with an Equipment Set 30-Day Pack, Bracelet of Friendship, Agathion Seal Bracelet - Oink oink, High-level hunting helper exchange coupon. Expires after 30 days if not used. No exchange/drop available

Crystals: -

Type in database: box


Can be extracted from:

itemFriend Recommend Round 2 Reward Pack Exchange Coupon New Dormancy1100

From Friend Recommend Round 2 Reward Pack 30-day limited period you can get:

itemHigh-Grade Hunting Helper Exchange Coupon 5 hours1100
itemBracelet of Friendship 30-day limited period1100
itemEquipment Set 30-Day Pack 30-day limited period1100
itemAgathion Seal Bracelet - Oink Oink 10-day limited period1100
itemFriend Recommendation Proof 10100

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