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item Santa's Buff Gift Set

Description: Santa's buff gift set. When used, can feel yourself becoming stronger by Santa's blessing for 1 hour.

Crystals: -

Type in database: box

skill Santa's Buff Gift Set Lv.1
For 1 hour, receives help from a great spirit to increase Max MP by 20%, MP recovery bonus by 20%, HP recovery bonus by 20%, the chance of prominent damage occurring through magic damage by 2, the power of critical attacks by 20%, P. Atk. by 10%, P. Def. by 20%, Atk. Spd. by 20%, M. Atk. by 20%, M. Def. by 20%, Casting Spd. by 20%, and Resistance to de-buffs by 10%. Decreases Speed by 20% and MP consumption needed for skill use by 5%.

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