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item Sealed Knight's Cloak S84

Description: Cloak with luxurious embroidery. When the seal is cancelled, it'll have Dark Attribute Defense +30 effect. The seal can be cancelled through the weaver Olf Kanore and Olf Adams. It cannot be worn before the seal cancellation. Enchantment, special abilities and augmentation are not possible. Cannot be exchanged or dropped.

Crystals: -

Type in database: back

P.Def./M.Def.: 0/0

MP: 0

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Is selled by:

[Chamberlain] Alfred (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] August (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Brasseur (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Crosby (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Frederick (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Logan (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Neurath (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Saul (28671000a)
[Chamberlain] Sayres (28671000a)


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