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item Beast Soulshot Compressed Pack

Description: A small capsule of compressed Beast Soulshot. Changes into 500 Beast Soulshots when used.

Crystals: -

Type in database: box

Is selled by:

[Pet Manager] Annette (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Cooper (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Joey (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Lemper (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Lundy (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Martin (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Nelson (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Rood (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Saroyan (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Waters (10000a)
[Pet Manager] Woods (10000a)

skill Beast Soulshot Compressed Pack Lv.1

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