High Five

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Dynasty Silver Satin Tunic - PvP, уровней: 1


Magic Lvl: 1
Operate Type: Passive (OP_PASSIVE)
Skill Type: BUFF
Target: Self (TARGET_SELF)
Decreases INT by 2
Adds MEN by 2
Multiplies M.Atk Spd by 1.15
Adds Max MP by 321
Adds Bonus Hp by 22
Decreases Cancel by 15
Adds Dark Resistance by 8
Multiplies PvP M.Def. by 1.05
Multiplies PvP Physical Skills Def. by 1.05
Multiplies PvP P.Def. by 1.05
Adds Opens Cloak Slot by 1

skillDynasty Silver Satin Tunic - PvP lvl.1
Increases Casting Spd./Max MP/Heal Power/Resistance to Dark, and decreases magic cancel rate against damage. Decreases damage received during PvP, and has a chance to decrease the opponent's critical rate and Critical Damage when under attack.

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