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Mark of Despair, уровней: 1


Mobs with this skill

MP Consume: 145
Hit Time: 2000
Is Debuff: Yes (true)
Lvl Depend: 1
Magic Lvl: 80
Operate Type: Active (OP_ACTIVE)
Power: 80
Cast Range: 300
Effect Range: 500
Skill Type: DEBUFF
Target: Someone (TARGET_ONE)
Is Magic: Yes (true)
Saving Stat: MEN

Effect Name: Debuff
Total Time: 30 (1 Times x 30 seconds.)
        Multiplies P.Def by 0.8
        Multiplies M.Def by 0.8
        Decreases Rate Evasion by 10
        Multiplies Max HP by 0.8
        Multiplies Regen HP by 0.5
        Multiplies P.Atk by 1.2
        Multiplies M.Atk by 1.2
        Multiplies P.Atk Speed by 1.1
        Adds Accuracy Combat by 10
        Multiplies Crit. Atk by 1.2
        Increases Base Rate Crit by 120%

skillMark of Despair lvl.1
Significantly decreases P. Def., M. Def., evasion and HP. HP Recovery is limited, but P. Atk., M. Atk., Atk. Spd., Accuracy, Critical Damage and critical attack rate are increased.

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