High Five

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Cruel Puncture, уровней: 1


Mobs with this skill

Hit Time: 1000
Is Debuff: Yes (true)
Lvl Depend: 2
Magic Lvl: 85
MP Consume: 83
Operate Type: Active (OP_ACTIVE)
Power: 80
Cast Range: 40
Effect Range: 400
Reuse Delay: 1000
Skill Type: DEBUFF
Target: Someone (TARGET_ONE)
Saving Stat: MEN

Effect Name: DamOverTime
Total Time: 3 (1 Times x 3 seconds.)
Value: 250
        Multiplies M.Atk Spd by 0.8

skillCruel Puncture lvl.1
Life force is lost and Casting Spd. is decreased.

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