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Curse of Antharas, уровней: 1


Mobs with this skill

Cool Time: 1200
Hit Time: 2800
Is Debuff: Yes (true)
Lvl Depend: 1
Magic Lvl: 85
Operate Type: Active (OP_ACTIVE)
Power: 90
Saving Stat: MEN
Skill Radius: 850
Skill Type: DEBUFF
Target: Aura (TARGET_AURA)

Effect Name: Debuff
Total Time: 120 (1 Times x 120 seconds.)
        Multiplies P.Atk by 0.85
        Multiplies M.Atk by 0.85
        Multiplies P.Def by 0.6
        Multiplies M.Def by 0.6
        Multiplies P.Atk Speed by 0.75
        Multiplies M.Atk Spd by 0.75
        Multiplies Run Speed by 0.5
        Decreases Accuracy Combat by 19
        Decreases Rate Evasion by 19
        Multiplies Rate Crit by 0.1

skillCurse of Antharas lvl.1
You have been touched by the curse of Antharas, which has temporarily decreased all your combat stats.

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