High Five

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Decrease Speed, уровней: 3


Mobs with this skill

Lvl Depend: 2
Power: 80
Target: Someone (TARGET_ONE)
Reuse Delay: 8000
Hit Time: 2000
Saving Stat: MEN
Skill Type: DEBUFF
Is Magic: Yes (true)
Is Debuff: Yes (true)
Operate Type: Active (OP_ACTIVE)
Cast Range: 600
Effect Range: 1100

Effect Name: Debuff
Total Time: 60 (1 Times x 60 seconds.)
        Multiplies Run Speed by value depending on level

 DescriptionMagic LvlMP ConsumeRun Speed
skillDecrease Speed lvl.1
Instantly reduces Speed. Effect 1.
skillDecrease Speed lvl.2
Instantly reduces Speed. Effect 2.
skillDecrease Speed lvl.3
Instantly reduces Speed. Effect 3.

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