High Five

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Seven Signs, Embryo (79+)

Description: Meet with Franz, the witness of Dawn, in his secret hideout to talk about the Shunaiman bloodline and how it relates to the seals.
Start NPC: [Priest] Wood
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Ancient Adena  - 1500000
item Dawn's Bracelet S - 1
item Exp  - 150000000
item SP  - 15000000

1Witness of Dawn
Start by talking to Priest Wood then move to the secret hideout where the Witness of the Dawn Franz is.\
NPC: Priest Wood
2And the Strangers Strike Again
You defeated all the unknown strangers. Talk to Franz, the Witness of Dawn, again.\
NPC: Witness of Dawn Franz
3The Future Plan
Listen to Franz's plans, then go outside through Priestess Zain and meet Priest Wood again.\
NPC: Priest Wood


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