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Seven Signs, Seal of the Emperor (79+)

Description: Speak to Iason Heine and learn about the hidden truths about the contract between Emperor Shunaiman and Mammon.
Start NPC: Iason Heine
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Exp  - 25000000
item SP  - 2500000

1Contract details
Keep talking to Iason Heine, who tries to interpret the content of the contract between Mammon and Emperor Shunaiman. \
NPC: Iason Heine
2Merchant of Mammon
You have heard about the promise between Mammon and the Emperor from a merchant of Mammon. Keep talking to Heine.\
NPC: Iason Heine
3Promise of Mammon
Let's go to find the Promise of Mammon at the entrance of Disciple's Necropolis as Mammon's merchant said. \
NPC: Promise of Mammon
4Emperor's Seal Device
Emperor Shunaiman asked you to activate the Sealing device. Let's active the Sealing device and acquire all four Seal of Bindings, then return to Emperor Shunaiman.\
NPC: Emperor Shunaiman
5Clues for the Sacred Book
Emperor Shunaiman unveiled clues to find the Sacred Book of Seal. Return to Iason Heine and report back.\
NPC: Iason Heine
6Witness of Dawn
In order to meet the Witness of Dawn Franz, the clue for the Book of Seal, go meet the Priest Wood in Einhasad's temple in the town of Aden.\
NPC: Priest Wood


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