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Seven Signs, Solina's Tomb (81+)

Description: Priest Wood in the Einhasad Temple of Aden Castle is facing a new problem dealing with the seal of the Seven Signs, and he is seeking a hero who can help him.
Start NPC: [Director] Eris's Evil Thoughts
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Exp  - 125000000
item SP  - 12500000

1Seal of the Saintess
Infiltrate the Seal of the Saintess with help from Eris. Defeat the guards and move to the Hall of the Saintess.\
NPC: Teleport Control Device
2Hill of the Past
Listen to Solina's story and confirm what exactly happened on the Hill of the Past.\
NPC: Elmore-Aden's Saintess Solina
3The Start of Embryo
Return to Eris and deliver the truth about Embryo that you heard from Solina.\
NPC: Sister of Silence Eris


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