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Seven Signs, Girl of Doubt (81+)

Description: Priest Wood in the Einhasad Temple of Aden Castle is facing a new problem dealing with the seal of the Seven Signs, and he is seeking a hero who can help him.
Start NPC: [Priest] Wood
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Exp  - 10000000
item SP  - 1000000

1Call of the Witness of Dawn
Seek the Witness of Dawn Franz and hear his story.\
NPC: Witness of Dawn Franz
2Girl of Doubt
Find the Dark Elf girl of Doubt as described by Franz. She is said to be in a tent located in the Beast Farm. Find the gruff-looking man guarding the tent and speak with him.\
NPC: Gruff-looking Man
3Test 1
Defeat the golems in Pavel Ruins and collect 10 Elcadia's Marks.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Cruel Pincer Golem, Horrifying Jackhammer Golem\
NPC: Pavel Ruins
item 10
4Test 1 Report
Speak with Elcadia and receive the next test.\
NPC: Abyssal Saintess Elcadia
5Test 2
Before Elcadia's eyes, defeat all the enemies that she has prepared and prove my strength.\
NPC: Abyssal Saintess Elcadia
6Test 2 Report
Speak with Elcadia and report the test result.\
NPC: Abyssal Saintess Elcadia
7Meeting with Hardin
Go to Hardin's Academy and speak with Hardin.\
NPC: Grand Magician Hardin
8Report to Elcadia
Return to Elcadia and report.\
NPC: Abyssal Saintess Elcadia


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